The exhibition of Irina Machitski "Epidemic of Love" in State Central Museum of Modern History of Russia, September 1 - November 9, 2003

Poster Exhibition of  Irina Machitski EPIDEMIC OF LOVE

State Central Museum of Modern History of Russia,
The ASTI Gallery, Moscow

Irina Machitski

Solo-Exhibition of Paintings
September 1 - November 9, 2003


The solo-exhibition of paintings “Epidemic of Love” by the artist Irina Machitski, a member of the International Art Foundation, takes place at the Museum of Modern History of Russia from September 1 until November 9, 2003. The opening of this exhibition coincides with the festival events on the eve of the “Moscow City Day”, which is usually celebrated by Muscovites and guests of the capital of Russia during the first week of September.

The artist Irina Machitski exhibits more that 90 works of art comprising the series “The Cloud of Unknowing”, “The Music of the Spheres” and the newest one “What the Wind Sings…” Thus the new solo-exhibition of Irina Machistki might be regarded as a retrospective, incorporating paintings which were exhibited at the Central House of Artists in 2001- 2002. These are: her solo-exhibition “The Cloud of Unknowing” (Central House of Artists, 2001), titled after the triptych of the same name which is now in the collection of contemporary art of the Russian Foundation of Culture; the solo-exhibition “The Music of the Spheres” (Central House of Artists, 2002). The present exhibition also includes a new series of 25 paintings “What the Wind Sing…” named by the title of Alexander Blok’s poetic cycle.

All these were created by the artist over the last four years, and are now exhibited under the title “Epidemic of Love”. The choice of the title of the exhibition was far from random: it fully corresponds with the artist’s attitude to life and art. Machitski’s first series of paintings took its name from the work of the anonymous English monk who lived in the XIV century. He called “to smite upon that thick Cloud of Unknowing with a sharp dart of longing love”. Machitski’s creative impulse is encouraged by Love - Love for her people, Love for people in general, Love for Art and Harmony. Therefore, according to the artist’s conception, the three steps - Faith, Hope and Charity -lead to the triptych “The Cloud of Unknowing” .

Irina Machitski 'Petals of love'
Irina Machitski "Petals of love", oil on canvas, 50х70, 2001

Some of her paintings are embraced by the title “Petals of Love”, others “speak” about Love too: “Veil of Love”, “The Stirring of the Soul”, “Whisper of Poppies”…

Machitski started her artistic activity with bright emotional paintings overwhelmed with Love because she believes that Love should govern the World.

And the series “The Music of the Spheres” develops the same idea, openly declared in the titles of some of her canvases: “Inspired Hearts”, “The First Kiss”, “The Pearl of Love”, “The Strings of the Heart”, “Unity of the Hearts”…

Machitski’s new series of paintings “What the Wind Sings” presents 25 works created since Autumn 2002, and is to some extent fairy-tale. It echoes Alexander Blok’s poetic lines: “My dear friend, believe the tale // Like me // who used to love // its wonders // and enjoy // the language of a fairy // and catch the magic words //and guess // through misty way //some other worlds it conveys…”

The artist “writes” her own fairy-tale, probably a long epic poem or a saga: “Egyptian Night”, “The Island of Buyan (Rowdy Island)”, “The Fire-bird”, “The Cove (Lukomorie) ” and the “Christmas-tide” cycle: “Sweet Dreams”, “Fear, Soul’s Deceiver”, and “Fortune-Telling with Ribbons”. The series is centered around the painting “The Axis of the Earth” symbolizing the axis of Life on Earth which is in permanent movement.

There is one painting that “participates” in all Machitski’s solo-exhibitions - the polyptych “Eternal Truth”. It is a key-picture at the present exhibition too. From the black depths of the painting - de profundis clamavi - the viewer reaches outer cosmic space. The bright, festive twelve round canvases, which form the series “The Flight of Thought” are grouped in threes, making four powerful chords.

The fairy-tale world created by the artist is attractive and captive; this world is governed by the laws of harmony and beauty, it is polysemantic and multi-coloured. The concept of the artist and/or some subconscious motivations are not initially easy to perceive, but this makes the adventurous travel into the world of Machitski’s art more interesting and intriguing.

The wind in Machitski’s paintings sings of Love, Love for people, for Life, for Creativity.
Her pictures produce strong impulses of a positive, harmonizing energy.

The artist believes that the Epidemic of Love is the best of all epidemics which crash through the world, because Love is the only eternal incentive granted to Man by God.

A grand and unprecedented exhibition of works of applied art made on the themes of Machitski’s paintings is also on show at the Museum (created by Olga & Yuri Topanins).

Designer - Igor Privalov.

The albums “The Cloud of Unknowing”, “The Music of the Spheres” and “What the Wind Sings”, and collections of postcards and videocassettes are available.

Curator: Natella Voiskounski
Art-manager, ASTI Gallery